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Jellies Gee Up Japan

Jellies Gee Up Japan

By Ceri Harrop

Sloopy, gloopy, gooey, sticky… slime may not sound too appealing but the world would be lost without it.

Slugs and snails need it to get across the garden path; seaweeds use it to keep the sun off; and frogs wouldn’t be able to absorb oxygen through their skin if they weren’t slimy.

We even have it up our noses and down our windpipes to lubricate and protect our airways. What’s more, we wouldn’t be able to smell things properly if we didn’t have a hooter full of slimy mucus.

However, there is one type of animal that has taken the slimy crown – jellyfish. And they’re celebrating in force.

Colossal slimy invaders

The seas of Japan are literally swarming with giant Nomura's jellyfish (click for an amazing image). At two metres across and weighing more than 200 kilograms, these creatures are the undisputed