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All Hail the Turbo Toaster

All Hail the Turbo Toaster

By Riaz Bhunnoo

Don’t you just hate it when you’re late for work in the morning and the damn toaster just insists on taking its time? Eventually, after what seems like an eternity of thumb twiddling, the humming sound prevails and two heavily charred pieces of toast pop out. But is it possible to fast track this laborious, time-intensive process? I’m overjoyed to announce that it is - thanks to the turbo toaster.

The turbo toaster is very similar to normal toasters except for one key difference – the incorporation of jet plane style turbo fans. Rather than facilitating take-off, these turbo fans draw in air from both sides of the toaster which is heated by the metal elements and is then fired at the toast. What results is, unsurprisingly, a nicely browned piece of toast. The average toaster takes about two minutes to brown your

How the turbo toaster works
(click to enlarge)
average slice of bread - this little gem guarantees toast in around 50 seconds. Just imagine what you can do with the extra minute or so of time saved – the possibilities are literally endless.

The turbo toaster was designed by a former student who found that his beans got cold in the time it took him to make his toast. Rather than considering that this might be down to inadequate time management, he decided to take toast making to the next level. Oliver Newberry says, "The design came out of sheer frustration that by the time the toast is ready, my beans have gone cold. I've been fine-tuning the toaster's speedy components to enable the design to produce the perfect toast in a quick and efficient way. I'm absolutely chuffed with the results."

Together with the three second hot water heater launched earlier this year by Tefal, it seems that breakfast innovations are scorchingly hot at the moment. Unfortunately this toaster is still a prototype, so it won’t be available for some time. In fact, Newberry is looking forward to trying his luck in the Dragon’s Den to secure venture capitalist funding. He also has the blessing of Heinz, who
realise the limitations of toasters in the appreciation of their fine beans. Until it hits the market, however, it looks like I might have to resort to clambering out of bed a whole minute earlier. Life is so unfair.

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Image: Heinz (probably) although we got ours at Gizmodo

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17 Sep 2008
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