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Top Ten Made In Britain

Top Ten Made In Britain

How better to celebrate the world of UK innovation by picking ten things that you simply wouldn't imagine were British, but are. Mark Steer delves into the world of unlikely British inventions.

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10. Guillotines
The French Revolutionaries have to thank the bourgeois of Yorkshire for this.
9. Baseball
Despite American protests, baseball was invented in Britain. For some reason we just preferred cricket.
8. Turkeys
Evolved in the Americas, perfected in Norfolk. Turkeys have had a roundabout history.
7. Haute couture
Could Britain really be the pride of the French catwalks? Of course it could.
6. Chicken tikka masala
The UK's favourite Indian dish is no more Indian than the Moscow Scottish Dancing Society is Greek.
5. Offshore banks
Another fine development for society, helping money launderers the world over.
4. Swiss roll
Just try convincing someone from Switzerland that they've got any affinity to this. Go on, try it.
3. A St Bernard's keg of brandy
How a case of adolescent wishful thinking became a popular truth.
2. Celts
Didn't exist until the 18th century. Take your twiddly jewellery back to the shop & demand a refund.
1. Champagne
We are the arch drunkards of Europe, is it really any wonder the Brits first made bubbly?

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14 Jun 2011
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