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Top Ten Crazy Xmas Gifts

Top Ten Crazy Xmas Gifts

This year it's time to be prepared for Christmas. Buy presents now and you've got eight weeks of smugness while the rest of the world flaps about like half-dead turkeys. To help you we've found the very coolest gifts that the Internet can offer. Get that special gift for that special person - mind you, they do have to be pretty frickin' special to deserve one of these.

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Glowing Tablecloth - $1,850
Fibre optics course through the fabric giving the table an ethereal glow; this is the tablecloth that'll really let Mum make a statement with her meals. The statement being, "spill anything and you're dead meat."

Intelligent Toilet - $10,000
Perfect for granny. Not only do she get a pre-warmed seat and automatic lid, this toilet will give her a thorough medical. Sensors will check her weight and blood pressure and even analyse her urine.

Paintball Panzer - $16,000
The boy's toy to end all boy's toys. A scaled-down tank that lets lads (and lasses) career around the garden making army noises whilst redecorating the outside of the house. Brilliant.

Tree Tent - $50,000
Online shop Neiman Marcus have cornered the market in massively expensive bizarre gifts. The tree tent, for instance, with enough room for two people to spend the night halfway up a tree - a bargain!

The Intimidator Pool Cue - $150,000
The world's most expensive pool cue. This lovingly hand-crafted piece of sports equipment will help you win every game you ever play by dint of allowing you to brutally butcher your opposition to death.

First edition Darwin - $260,000
An original copy of Darwin's account of the fauna he encountered whilst making his famous trip aboard the HMS Beagle. It's not as expensive as a signed, first edition of Harry Potter though.

Missile Base - $1.8 million
Get away from it all this Christmas. Buy yourself a disused missile base, install the family underground and you'll be nigh on impregnable. A handy way of avoiding carol singers.

Diamond Fishing Lure - $2 million
If you want to spoil the fisherman in your family this year, then how better than to buy them a bejeweled lure. 4,753 diamonds and rubies encase 3 lbs of gold and platinum. Fish not included.

Jelly-fish 45 Floating Cabin - $2.5 million
My God, this is cool. A futuristic sea house for up to six people. Choose whether you hang around on deck above the waves or retire below to enjoy the underwater world. I want one. Now.

Be the First Moon Tourist - $100 million
Space tourism is truly upon us. The company Space Adventures are offering you the chance to be the first lunar tourist. The only snag is that you have to fund the project yourself. Ah well, it's nice to dream.

If your wallet won't quite stretch to a paintball tank or a trip to the Sea of Tranquility then try our rather more affordable gadget shop.

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