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Top Ten Geek Holidays

Top Ten Geek Holidays

The summer that never happened is over in the UK, and our thoughts are turning towards where we should go as soon as the boss releases the chains again. Rebecca Hernandez picks ten of the top destinations around the world that will keep your mind ticking as well as your tan topped up.

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Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
Geology par excellence and a hundred thousand bats await you in this network of caves that stretch for miles under the surface of New Mexico. What more could you want than to stand knee deep in bat shit?

CERN, Switzerland
Home to the highest population of nuclear physicists in the world, you can swing by to admire the cutting edge technology, the high-brow academic pursuits and the terrible, terrible fashion sense.

The Mammoth Site, South Dakota
More mammoths have been dug out of this one site than anywhere else in the world, and they reckon there's still 40 or so lying undiscovered. Quick, grab your shovel, we're off a-mammoth hunting.

Mauna Loa, Hawaii
It's almost the perfect geek spot - you can scale the world's tallest mountain without having to work up too much of a sweat. There are volcanoes involved and it's Hawaii. Aloha and let the good times roll.

Arecibo Observatory, Puerto Rico
If you're going to visit a great, big telescope then you may as well visit one somewhere exciting. Jodrell Bank is nice enough, but when it's a choice between Cheshire and Puerto Rico, I'm going to the Caribbean.

Geek Cruises
Cruises for geeks - it's as simple as that. Upcoming trips on offer include MacMania 8 and Chess Moves 3. The perfect way to sail past some of the world's most beautiful places whilst arguing about transistors.

Chernobyl, Ukraine
Visit the scene of the worst nuclear disaster in history. Wander the deserted streets of the ghost city of Pripyat and marvel at the remains of Reactor #4, happy in the knowledge that your future kids will have two heads.

Cradle of Mankind, South Africa
Holidays for some people are all about going home and visiting family. So why not take a trip to the place that was home to your great great great ... great great etc etc grandma. She's been expecting you.

Brave the high seas, ice caps and penguins to enjoy the greatest wilderness on the planet. A trip to Antarctica is one of the most exciting holidays going. Hell, you can even see global warming in action!

If all these terrestrial pursuits have failed to tickle your fancy, then there's only one answer. Tighten your belt, loosen your wallet and head off into space. The age of space tourism is upon us.

For the true enthusiast there's only one place to go next summer: GeekPride '08. More details coming soon.

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30 May 2010
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