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Top Ten Grim Parasites

Top Ten Grim Parasites

By Rebecca Hernandez

Get ready to turn your stomach inside out as we meet some of the world's nastiest parasites of people. Let Rebecca Hernandez guide you with a steady hand and firm constitution through medical mayhem and health horrors. Sit back and enjoy the ride!

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10. Oriental liver fluke
This is a total fluke - one that eats bile for dinner. Oh dear, this probably isn't a good start is it.
9. Leeches
Leeches: good, bad and ugly. But mainly bad and ugly. Or is that too harsh?
8. Lice
It’s one of those childhood rituals like riding a bike…just a little itchier.
7. Candirú
The rumours are true gentlemen: if you value your  willy do NOT pee in the Amazon.
6. The Creeping Eruption
Disgusting? Check. Painful? Check. Entertaining? Most definitely.
5. Scabies
Scabies: number five parasite, number one embarrassment. Even the name's nasty.
4. Toxoplasma
Could an amoeba really be responsible for different human cultures? Quite possibly.
3. Tapeworm
Tapeworms: pesky parasites or miracle weight-loss programs? You decide.
2. Guinea Worm
You’ll never look at spaghetti carbonara the same way again.
1. Ascaris worms
And you thought the other nine were bad... just be glad you're not a surgeon. Unless you're a surgeon.

Your Say:

Re the Candiru article, and specifically the local treatment.

An apple?

Inserted *into*?

Can I vote for the amputation?
Jim Keir

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23 Jul 2011
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