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Top Ten Workers' Ills

Top Ten Workers' Ills

We've all heard of tennis elbow and housemaid's knee, but you wouldn't believe how many other job-related diseases and disorders there out there. Luckily for us the Null's favourite medics Stuart Smith and B. James McCallum are on the case.

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10. Hangman's fracture
We're throwing ourselves in at the deep end this week. It's just a pity we're attached to a short rope.
9. Vagabond's disease
Not so much a professional malady as a non-professional malady - death via idleness?
8. Prostitute's pupil
When your eyes are very accommodating, but don't really react to anything.
7. Gamekeeper's thumb
Years of lugging braces of pheasants up hill and down dale can really take their toll.
6. Caisson disease
Better known as the bends, the condition was first noted in miners working under pressure.
5. Miner's nystagmus
Are you looking at me? Are you looking at him? Hang on, what the hell are you looking at?
4. Rag picker's disease
Not much of a job and a rubbish disease to go along with it. Also known as anthrax.
3. Pugilist dementia
You know when you've you've been hit once too many when you can't remember... what am I doing here?
2. Cheese washer's lung
Who the hell would want to wash cheese? You'll only end up with soggy brie and bad chest.
1. Jumping Frenchman of Maine disease
We couldn't have made it up. Hand's down, it's the finest named disease ever.

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11 Jul 2011
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