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Top 10 Ways To The Truth

Top 10 Ways To The Truth

It's sad to say, but we live in a world where dishonesty and disinformation abounds. How are we supposed to know whether we are being told the truth or not? Well, Mark and Andy have been beavering about, searching out the best ways to get the truth out of people. No more lies for us thanks very much.

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Go Medieval
Not so much a way of getting the truth and simply getting rid of someone you don't like anymore, employ trial by fire or trial by water and reap the benefits of history's finest catch twenty-twos. (more)

Ask the Crocodile King
Has someone wronged you, but you're not sure who? You could try the Ancient Egyptian method of asking Sobek, the crocodile god. Put the suspects' names on some cards and let Sobek guide your hand. (more)

Use the art of hypnosis to reach into your target's inner mind to pluck the truth from their very lips. Well, when we say truth, there's no guarantee they're talking anything of the sort. (more)

Watch the eyes
There are little tell-tale signs we all make that can signal the difference between truth and fiction. When trying to remember a scene, if they look up and left it's as good a confession as you could want. (more)

Truth Serum
Basically the chemical equivalent of hypnosis, truth drugs will loosen tongues without any problem. Unfortunately those tongues will mix fact and fantasy with consummate ease. (more)

Lie detector
Bring 'em in, strap 'em up and measure their response to your questions. The wiggly lines will tell you if they're lying. Or maybe that they're a bit nervous about spending time with a weirdo like you. (more)

Use an Old Book
It might seem like a funny principle, but according to legal systems around the world it's the best way to get the truth out of people. Apparently it can't be any old book, custom dictates we use a bible. (more)

It's tried, it's tested and we've never met anyone who could withstand a prolonged bout of tickling without eventually giving up their deepest secrets. It's like torture but legal. It's a winner. (more)

Not the most ethical of methods to say the least, but still one of the more effective. Hell, there's nothing I wouldn't divulge to man with a red hot poker and a malicious look in his eye. Absolutely nothing. (more)

Bugs Bunny Ploy
It's a little known fact that Bugs Bunny was a master of the subtle art of divining the truth. His methods involved a complex series of logical statements rapidly fired at the subject until the truth was revealed. (more)

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13 Feb 2011
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