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World's Weird Drinks

World's Weird Drinks

Despite Coca Cola and Pepsi's continuing battle to get the world to drink the same thing, pockets of resistance remain. All around the world people are throwing the most bizarre concoctions down their throats in the name of refreshment. Mark Steer takes a look at some of the world's weirdest drinks.

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10. Fermented Mare's Milk
Popular all across Central Asia, kumis (or airag) is quite alcoholic, slightly fizzy and really grim.
9. Canine Beer
Those crazy Dutch have been at it again, making beef flavour beer for dogs. Just give them gravy!
8. Mother's Milk
Do you miss the comforting taste of Mother's milk? Well now you can buy it by the carton. Aaarrrggh.
7. Coolpis
Not only has it got a stupid name, but it's fermented cabbage flavour. What are they thinking?
6. Ant Natural Stimulation
How better to get that natural pick-me-up than supping down a glass of crushed ant juice?
5. Final Fantasy Potion
How do you promote your new computer game? Produce a 'potion' to go with it. Drink Me!
4. Baby mouse wine
Oh snap! - we've hit the real sicko stuff. Baby mice + rice wine + a year = a world of gastric terror.
3. Asian three lizards liqour
Thought it couldn't get worse? Fool! Just remember - never accept less than 3 lizards in your death juice.
2. Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt
Like his films, Seagal's Lightning Bolt pretends to be a decent drink whilst actually being totally rank.
1. Seagull wine
Beating everything to the top spot is the roughest drink ever: fermented rotten seagull. Cheers.

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04 Aug 2011
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