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Doctor, Doctor...

Doctor, Doctor...

By Dave Hall

For all you hypochondriacs out there, Dave Hall continues his regular look at a some of the more unusual medical conditions, as well as some you thought you knew all about.


Condition Often occurring after brain injury, it affects the basal ganglia which prevent the visual areas from functioning properly, and experts think that it’s caused when the brain can’t use the visual information it receives to make up full images. Sufferers may only eat half their plate of food, or only depict half a scene when asked to draw something; some have even refused to believe that their arm belongs to them!
Contagion – Not something you can get without having had a head trauma first, so you’re quite safe as long as your head is.
Danger of death – Not likely, unless you only see half of the train… 
Incurability? Strangely, the condition has resolved itself in certain cases and the patient has regained perfect vision. Other sufferers have remained ‘half blind’.
Likelihood of getting time off work When you start handing in half finished reports at work you’ll raise suspicion. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be sent home.
Brag-ability We don’t even have a proper name for this condition as it’s only recognised from a small number of cases. Not something you can really talk about, so keep you’re mouth shut.
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Overall ridiculousness Not the most exciting condition in the world, but at least the glass is always half full.

More conditions to come soon:

    'Slapped cheek disease, Plague and more.

Find more curious conditions in Doctor Doctor. If you can't wait for the next Doctor Doctor, then why not find a Phunny Phobia to keep you going?

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16 Apr 2008
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