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Phunny Phobias

Phunny Phobias

If you met someone who was afraid of paper or wax statues, wouldn't you tell them to stop being so ridiculous and get over it? Every Monday, Null editor Hayley hand-picks another bizarre phobia and tries to work out whether it's real or rubbish.

This week:

fear of Scotch eggs

Thanks to Chow for alerting us to this one.

What's so scary about it?
Only this week a man named Gareth Jones (a Welsh man, you've guessed it) has been all over the British media talking about his irrational fear of Scotch eggs.  Where did it stem from?  Reading James and the Giant Peach, apparently. Okay, so a Scotch egg looks vaguely like a peach, but why is he not terrified of peaches?  Perhaps that's a whole other story...

What do the scientists say about it?

Well, yet again, nothing, and I do have to confess, the name "kreavgophobia" came from our own tiny minds here at the Null (kreas = meat, avgo = egg is as far as our knowledge of Greek cuisine takes us).  Although if anyone is qualified to name a phobia, it should be me - I've seen enough made-up ones here in my time.

Hayley says:
"A real fear for Gareth Jones, but does one man constitute a disorder? 
Hmmm, half each."

So far: Real 12  Rubbish 14

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16 Jun 2011
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