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The Perfect Breakfast

The Perfect Breakfast

By Ceri Harrop

We seem forever plagued by the latest fad diet, but who to believe? Is breakfast good for us, or not? Will a diet of watercress soup for four weeks really be the answer to your weight-loss problems?

Amidst all the confusion, surely we should put our faith in scientific opinion and take heed of what the experts have to say. So wave goodbye to your cornflakes and coffee in the morning, and start tucking into ham, cheese and, wait for it, a glass of wine!

It seems the traditional German breakfast of ham and cheese can aid memory and attention levels, something most of us would love to improve!

"I’m sure the last tipple I’d fancy gargling with is a fine glass of Shiraz."
After measuring the cognitive functions of primary school children, a study carried out by Swansea University concluded that a high protein start to your day slowly releases energy into your bloodstream to fuel you for the day’s activities.

And because blood glucose levels remain steadier, appetite is curbed and there is no longer the desire for a cheeky mid-morning muffin, or a piece toast on your way past the canteen.

But that’s not the full story. A separate study to be published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry has proclaimed the virtues of wine as an anti-bacterial agent. No surprise really as eons ago people used wine to treat and clean infected wounds.

Wine is effective at controlling the growth of several strains of Streptococcus bacteria - the little blighters that cause tooth decay and sore throats. Wine cleans up our mouths and can provide a first line of attack in combating harmful oral bacteria.

All sounds good: a better memory and attention span from your new German-style breakfast and the antimicrobial action of wine should leave us fighting fit and working better than ever.

Being an enormous fan of a good cheese board and a glass of vin rouge, one would think the likes of myself should be rejoicing at such findings. But somehow cheese and wine for breakfast doesn’t seem so appealing, and should I come down with a sore throat, I’m sure the last tipple I’d fancy gargling is a fine glass of Shiraz. What a waste!

I also very much doubt that cheese every morning will agree with everyone’s blood pressure and the like! So, for now at least, I’ll stick with my cornflakes and coffee, and save my favourite tipple for a treat in the evening.

If you do find yourself drinking wine at breakfast on a regular basis, the Null suggests that you might benefit from a trip to the doctors. Whilst your mouth is likely to be sparkly clean, the rest of you might be in a poor way. Anyone who's not now rushed to the local surgery might enjoy some more tasty science:

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Image: Helmut Gevert

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24 May 2011
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