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Banana protection device

Banana protection device

It's so simple, it's almost crazy that you didn't think of it yourself. A protective case for transporting and storing bananas.

The hard external case protects against knocks while the plush interior includes a series of pads to cushion and protect the banana while in transit.

Both are fastened together using a strong clip. So, now you can throw your fruit in the bag without worrying that it’ll get squashed.

The amazing banana guardAnd now, for all you Null Hypothesis fans, you can buy this unusual item through the UK's official supplier right here.

Other features include:

  • Designed to fit the vast majority of bananas.
  • Perforations in the surface to allow ventilation and prevent premature ripening.
  • A solid locking mechanism so it never pops open.
  • Use it to put your used skins in and prevent careless slips.
  • All this, and dishwasher safe too.

Go on - buy one for your friends today, what an unlikely gift!! Just click on the banner link below.

Or go to the Null shop to buy other brilliant (and less banana-y) gifts.

Click here for your bananaguard and special discount

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29 Aug 2009
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