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Girls Join The Dark Side

Girls Join The Dark Side

By Hayley Birch

Scan any lonely hearts column and you’re sure to find an abundance of women searching for Mr GSOH. But do guys really know what raises a giggle among the girls?

New research shows ladies laugh at the strangest things. In a study conducted by the Null and statistically verified, women revealed a darker side to their humour.

Over half admitted to sniggering at the thought of someone choking to death on a grape - hypothetically speaking of course. When asked whether they would laugh at a news article reporting the “comic” episode, 48% said they would be “mildly amused”, while a twisted 6% would laugh “whole-heartedly”.

Men, on the other hand, were less morbid in their mirth. Only a quarter said the story make them chuckle.

Link to results of "what's funny" survey

Click on the pic to see the
survey results.
There’s good news for pulling tactics in general though, with the fairer sex laughing harder by 7% overall. And both sexes can rest assured that a bit of slap… err… slapstick is always considered entertaining. 89% agreed that someone falling off a chair is funny. Whether this is a sure fire way to bag your beau is, however, another matter.


A man falling off a chair was considered almost universally funny – 93% had a good ol’ guffaw about it – where as only 84% agreed if it was a lady taking the tumble.

Slapstick registered far higher on the Null’s chortle-ometer than a conventional gag. But 70% still found our Doctor, Doctor affair funny. To judge for yourself click here.

More of Hayley's stuff is here.  It's really very good. You should read it.

Main image: Josi Renatinha and Iris Ferrera

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22 Sep 2008
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