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KFC’s mutant chickens

By Shamini Bundell

The Colonel's home fried mutant burger. Finger rotting good.
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In 1991 Kentucky Fried Chicken officially changed their name to KFC. Everyone thought it was in order to shorten it, or maybe place less emphasis on the word ‘fried’ in the increasingly health-conscious consumer market. Not so. KFC had been forced by the government to stop using the word chicken. Why? Because the animals they reared in thousands of dark, cramped sheds across the country had been genetically manipulated to the extent that they were no longer the same species.

Yes, scientists had created Evil Mutant Chickens! These were creatures with no feathers, no beaks, no feet and hardly even any bone to support them – organisms designed to provide an almost pure meat harvest. Most had at least six (footless) legs – why do you think chicken drumsticks are always sold in sixes in supermarkets?

Due to protests and boycotts KFC now no longer use these mutant chickens in their products. Unfortunately these creatures were not all disposed of safely – some animal rights activists broke into one of the sheds and several of the creatures escaped into the nearby countryside. Their six legs made them impossible to catch and their lack of feathers to protect them from the sun drove them underground. They now inhabit the sewer system waiting to prey on innocent victims.

OK so I made that last paragraph up. But the part about mutant chickens was actually spread round the internet a great deal, to the extreme annoyance of KFC!

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22 May 2010
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