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Mini on a Wall

By Mark Steer

Modern day Escher art in Holland.
If it's getting late and you're in need of something completely bizarre to complete your day, to whom would you turn? Why, the Dutch of course. That's what I did, and they didn't disappoint, for lurking amongst in the inner city streets of The Hague is the world's only anti-gravity Austin Mini. Perched on the side of a block of flats, the plucky little car adds the finishing touches to the car park motif.

We'd love to know if the car is still just hanging about. The building is on the corner of Westenbergstraat and Jan Hendrickstraat just south of the city centre. If you happen to be hanging about in The Hague - is there a reason to go there apart from to be tried for war crimes? - please just take a moment to go and have a look.

You can find this on Google Earth, or probably any other of those satellity sites, at the following grid reference: 52o 4' 9.20'' N; 4o 18' 50.33'' E.

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19 May 2009
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