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Doctor, Doctor...

Doctor, Doctor...

By Dave Hall

For all you hypochondriacs out there, Dave Hall continues his regular look at a some of the more unusual medical conditions, as well as some you thought you knew all about.


Condition This unusual condition causes abnormal amounts of hair to grow all over the body. And when we say all over the body? We mean ALL over. Although it commonly occurs over the torso and limbs, it can also cover the eyes, ears, feet and hands.

Although statistically it is said to occur in 1 in 10 billion people, some 19 people alive today have hypertrichosis. Famous sufferers include Fedor Jeftichew (the dog boy), Stephan Bibrowski (the lion faced man), Jesus "Chuy" Aceves (wolf boy) and Annie Jones (the bearded woman).

Interestingly, Jesus Aceves shaved his face for a BBC documentary in the hope of getting a proper job, but ended up growing it back as he made less money doing that as he did as a freak in the circus.

Contagion – Not something you’ll contract from other people, so no need to stand aside.

Danger of death – Unless you accidentally cut your head off trying to shave your hair or you fall off a cliff because you can’t see through your hairy eyes, you’ll probably live to tell the tale with this one.
Incurability? In most cases, this condition is a cosmetic problem, and treatments can include bleaching the hairs with hydrogen peroxide, removal by waxing or permanent removal by electrolysis or lasers.
Likelihood of getting time off work No boss in his or her right mind will want the public face of their company to be your face, if it looks like a werewolf. You’ll probably be told to go home and shave - a cheap joke at your expense. Best thing to be in is the circus, that way you’ll fit right in.
Brag-ability It’s unlikely you’ll have any friends left if you have a facial Afro. If you do manage to cling on to some – don’t brag about it!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  -----------------------

Overall ridiculousness Not a life threatening condition. Funny to look at, but not funny to comb-over your face every day.

More conditions to come soon:

    Pertussis, Cat scratch fever and more.

Find more curious conditions in Doctor Doctor. If you can't wait for the next Doctor Doctor, then why not find a Phunny Phobia to keep you going?

Photo: Stephan Bibrowski, the lion faced man/Wiki

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17 Jul 2011
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