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How did it all start?

Can I get a weekly newsletter?
Do you have a community site?
Can I look for science jobs?
Are there any current vacancies?
Who owns the copyright?
How can I help with Null?
Can I buy stuff on the site?
Do you need writers?
How can I contact you?
Do you have games on your site?

How did it all start?
Many great ideas start in the pub and Null was no exception. Three PhD students sat around, dissillusioned with the lack of opportunities for scientists in the UK and moaning about the constant pressure to publish in the academic press. "Hang on a minute, why don't we just have our own publication?"

Can I get a weekly newsletter?
Oh yes. Register your email address and the professor's newsletter, detailing the highs and lows of the week, will wing its way to your inbox every Thursday evening.

Do you have a community site?
Not yet, but it's own it's way. In the meantime we have MySpace and Facebook groups which allow you to talk/chat/argue with a like-minded community.

Can I look for science jobs on your site?
We hope to have our new job site up and running pretty soon and then you will be able to search for the science job of your dreams - or just the one that pays the most dosh.

Are there any vacancies within Null?
There are currently no paid positions available within Null.  But if you want some great experience then contact us about volunteering.

Who owns the copyright of the articles published?
Unless specifically stated, the copyright to all the articles published on the site are owned by Null Hypothesis Ltd. For an extended explanation see our Terms and Conditions.
Dr David Hall. In a pickle!
How can I help with Null?
1) Tell your friends it's great
2) Tell your friends to tell their friends
3) Get involved - i.e. write for us, comment on stuff, tell us what you want see.

Can I buy stuff on the site?
You can visit our bookshop, our gadget shop or our own Null shop.

Do you need writers?
Yes. Anything you send us we promise to read and send you a reply; or if you'd prefer, you can email us with specific questions about ideas you may have had.

How can I contact you?
If you go to our contact page there is a plethora of email addresses and numbers to chose from.

Do you have games on your site?
We have a selection of very addictive games and we try to add new ones as and when we see them. If you know of a great game that we should feature, or you have designed a game of your own, please do let us know.

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