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Don't worry, be happy because scientists tell us that smiling really could make you live longer.

Koala, cars & chlamydia

Why did the koala bear cross the road? More to the point how did he survive? Read More

A Walk In The Park

Organic flipflops are the way forward. Soft strong and very long. Read More

Never trust a TV chef

Believe everything you hear on the television at your peril. It's not always the whole truth. Read More

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“An intelligence test sometimes shows a man how smart he would have been not to have taken it.”

- Laurence J. Peter, author

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A cockroach can continue to live up to 12 days after it has had its head cut off, and only dies because it has no mouthparts with which to eat.

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Chemistry Party Video

Chemistry Party Video

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21 Feb 2017
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