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Geek Pop '08

Geek Pop '08

Our online music festival showcasing some brilliant unsigned bands who have been sci-nspired. ***UPDATE 06/03/09 Geek Pop is happening again in '09 - check it out!

Listen online:

Or download the event here

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To find out more about the bands at Geek Pop '08:

Amateur Transplants
Jonny Berliner
Let's Tea Party
Down with Gender
Tales from the Birdbath
Logan Wright
Professor Science
Emily Schulman

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Listen to the Null geeking it up on the Guardian science podcast.
(3rd March pod)

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Images: Sam Church

Your Say:

THE PODCAST IS HILARIOUS AND GREAT!!!!! Thanks for including us, we
LOVED it!!!!
Rebecca and Ean, Tales from the Birdbath

Brilliant stuff. Another great project from the NHS (Null Humour Service). Thanks!
Gerald Flamdrag

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