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Amoeba to Zebra

Amoeba to Zebra

Who knew science and music could make such a handsome pair? Tune in every Monday and let the Null treat you to sci-pop classics, and some cheeky chat with the artists. Or sign up at iTunes to get your sci-pop delivered. Go on, indulge your inner geek.

Did you miss your geekery over the holiday weekend? Don't worry - we're back with Steve Morricone and his sci-pop project, Amoeba to Zebra.

The Microscopic Universe by
Amoeba to Zebra

Musicals. There are three types of musicals aren't there? There are a multitude of rubbish ones, in which people prance about, dressed as cats, singing some nonsense about memories. Then there are some really good ones, which are sadly very much in the minority (think Westside Story or Singing in the Rain, and you're thinking of the only two straight musicals I can honestly say I love). And then, of course, there are the rock operas.

One such musical is the Amoeba to Zebra

project, in which Huddersfield based band Being 747 chart the natural history of life on Earth through the medium of as 55 minute rock opera, starting with the microscopic origin of life (press play, left) and finishing up with our own emergence as modern humans with language and all that jazz.

Unlike many of the other acts we follow here, Amoeba to Zebra is performed not by awkward geeky scientists with an interest in music (people like me), but by actual socially functioning human beings with a love of science developed by the excellent work of Sir David Attenbourough. The result is an fun and funky, yet educational and accessible collection of songs with informative linking monologues (kind of like those Richard Burton did in the Jeff Wayne War of the Worlds musical). It works so well that it's being performed all over the place - including for school kids preparing for their GCSE biology exams, and to the ducks at the wildfowl and wetlands reserve in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, though I think the school kids will get more out of it than the ducks.

Amoeba to Zebra are playing venues around the UK. Book 'em here!

Words by Neal Anthwal, interview by Hayley Birch.

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20 Jul 2017
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