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Sweet Home Apparatus

By Professor Science

--- Lyrics ---

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Hey there, little lady, how're ya' feelin' tonight?
I don't know you so well, but you're lookin' all right.
I think we got some chemistry, but maybe not,
But if you're interested, I know a nice little spot
Where I like to go when things get awfully chaotic
And I want to feel a little more eukaryotic.
On the endomembrane system inside of a cell,
There's a groovy little organelle.
It isn't a place you can find in an atlas,
That's right, you guessed it: the golgi apparatus.

It's the golgi apparatus,
Yes the golgi apparatus
Don't care who's starin' at us
In the golgi apparatus.

It modifies proteins and moves lipids around
And packages things to keep them safe and sound,
And if you're lookin' for lysosomes, then search no more,
'Cause crankin' 'em out's what this organelle's for!
If there's vesicles on your endoplasmic reticulum,
The golgi apparatus'll take some of 'em,
Package 'em nicely and send 'em away
To their required destination, and I must say:

I love the golgi apparatus,
Yes the golgi apparatus,
Don't care who's starin' at us
In the golgi apparatus.

Baby, don't leave me, we've got so much love to give.
I can't believe time went by quickly as it did.
Promise you won't forget my face or all our love,
And all those times we came so close to heaven above.

It's the golgi apparatus,
Yes, the golgi apparatus,
Don't care who's laughin' at us
In the golgi apparatus.

Golgi apparatus,
Oh the golgi apparatus
La la la la lattice,
Mmm the golgi apparatus.

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