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Asian Three Lizard Liquor

Mmmm tasty deadness.
Summary: Still firmly rooted in the Far East, this is drink of choice if you happen to have run out of baby mice. Simply drown three lizards, preferably geckos, in a vat of rice wine, add a little ginseng and leave to infuse.

Plucky journalista, Suzanne Donahue stuffed some of the delightful concoction down herself during a seemingly masochistic episode earlier this year.

"Believe it or not, the concoction tastes a lot like brandy", she writes. "Well, really cheap brandy. The only major difference is the weird aftertaste. The closest thing I can compare it to is sushi that's gone way past its sell-by date." Sounds delightful.
(read the rest of her experience)

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Interesting fact: According to the recipe books, the lizards must be alive when they're added to the wine so that they can infuse the liquor with their qi.

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24 Apr 2017
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