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Baby Mouse Wine

Baby mouse wine. All bad.
Summary: What is it with the Chinese? As if crushed ant juice wasn't bad enough we get this, wine infused with baby mice.

Used as a cure all in rural parts of Korea, it's made by stuffing a hoard of two to three day old mice into a bottle of rice wine and leaving it to stew for, ooh, a good year or so.

After that you'll have a ricey-mice concoction fit for... mentally scarring your own children.

Don't get me wrong, I like to think I'm a pretty cosmopolitan bloke, but I can't imagine ever feeling the need to imbibe tiny rodents. Ever.

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Interesting fact: A 2006 study at Harvard found that red wine extracts helped obese mice to live longer and happier lives. Maybe that's a little bit of alcoholic karma coming into play for this little video:


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Before you start, yes we know the bottle label is in Chinese, but I've been assured that the picture was taken in Korea - thanks, Ed.

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