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Top Five Sleeping Dogs

Top Five Sleeping Dogs

When we were kids, the back of Mother's meaty paw taught us an important lesson about mocking the afflicted: only do it when you're out of your parents' reach. 300 miles should do the trick, so here's our run down of our five favourite canines with conditions.


5. Snoozy
Living up to her name, Snoozy literally flops down all over the place.
4. The Lab Doberman
Nameless, brainless and very often consciousless. Poor little bugger.
3. Pooface
Ok, ok, it's not a dog, but this little chick shows us all how to relax. Lunch anyone?
2. Rusty
The original and some would say the best, Rusty takes athletic narcolepsy to its zenith.
1. Skeeter
If you think you shouldn't be laughing at this just remember - it's a poodle. It's probably deserves it.

But what the hell is narcolepsy?

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