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Top Ten Deadly Veg

Top Ten Deadly Veg

Killers could be in your house right at this very moment. They could be hiding out in the fridge and pantry, waiting for their moment to pounce. How will you deal with them when they do? Read Mark Steer's guide to the ten deadliest vegetables. You never know when you're going to need to overpower some vicious veg.

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10. Carrots
As deadly as Clive Owen makes them look in the film Shoot Em Up? No, but don't shoot up with them.
9. Water chestnut
It's no fluke that water chestnuts made the top ten. Oh wait, yes it is - it's parasitic flukes.
8. Parsnip
Masters of disguise, parsnips can pass themselves off as one of the deadliest plants.
7. Avocado
Avocados can take advantage of your weakness for rubber to do you in.
6. Pokeweed
Cool name? Yep. Tasty teatime treat? Maybe. Massively toxic killer plant? You betcha.
5. Rhubarb
Sometimes Mother was right - those rhubarb leaves will cause you no end of trouble.
4. Cassava
Isn't it a bit funny that one of the world's commonest staple foods is full of cyanide?
3. Peanut
Almost the ultimate vegetable killer, peanuts have got all the moves but lack originality in their methods.
2. Tomato
A healthy food? I don't think so. They've even got friends with guns.
1. Potato
On sheer number and variety of deaths the potato wins hands down as the deadliest vegetable.

Disclaimer: If I say it's a vegetable, it's a vegetable. So there. No arguments.

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Thanks to B. James McCallum for bringing pokeweed to my attention.
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